Servier Pakistan

Servier Research and Pharmaceuticals [Pakistan] (Private) Limited has a strong presence of over 30 years in Pakistan. As part of Servier International group we are one of the leading French pharmaceuticals in the country. With over 200 employees working daily to provide evidence based medicine for the well-being of patients, Servier Pakistan is among the top multinational pharmaceutical organizations in the country.


Working in partnership with medical community we are proud to participate in continuous medical education activities that help to improve the quality of management of patients. As a research-based organization our entire activity is based on three key principles given by the founder of our company Dr. Jacques Servier which are:

  • To meet the scientific needs of the physicians.
  • To invest more in R&D.
  • To meet the aspirations of our team in terms of professional fulfillment.

Servier Pakistan is committed to improve patients’ health by providing innovative first-line treatment medicines that are developed in our research centers in France. In Pakistan we are one of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies in the disease areas of diabetes, hypertension, angina, venous insufficiency and hemorrhoids.

Dr. Jacques Servier
(Founder and President)


Servier International

Servier has a strong presence in 140 countries with over 21,000 employees having an annual turnover of 4.2 billion euros. We have around 3000 employees fully dedicated to R & D which clearly gives us an edge as being the leader in R&D in terms of future investments.


It was in 1954 that Jacques Servier, Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Pharmacy, then aged thirty, took over a pharmaceutical production company with nine employees, in Orléans, France. Today it is France’s leading independent pharmaceutical company, and the second French pharmaceutical company in the world, with 21000 employees in 140 countries. Jacques Servier was able to undertake this extraordinary adventure because of his love of the profession, his "faith" in research, his sound analysis of the needs of others, his drive to develop and share, in short, his incredible life force.