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The content of this document may undergo changes; consequently we invite you to consult the legal notice regularly.

1. Intellectual Property

1.1. This site (the “Site”) is owned by LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER, a company with a share capital of 34.590.852 Euro registered with the Trade and Companies registry of Nanterre under number / 085 480 796 whose registered office is located at 50 rue Carnot (92284) Suresnes, France.
LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER is a company of SERVIER. The editor of the SERVIER website is Mr. Olivier GRYSON, acting as Director of the Electronic Information Department.
The Site is hosted by Praxis.

1.2. The general structure, as well as the software, texts, images, animated or not, know-how, and all other elements making up the Site are the exclusive ownership of LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER and are protected by the applicable laws on Intellectual Property.
As a consequence, any representation, whether in whole or in part, of this Site by any means whatsoever, without SERVIER's express agreement is forbidden and shall constitute a counterfeiting.
The same applies for the databases appearing on the website of which SERVIER is the producer and which are protected by copyright. SERVIER's and its partners' trademarks, as well as the logos appearing on the site are registered trademarks.
Any reproduction, in whole or in part, of these trademarks or logos made from the elements of the site without LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER's express agreement is therefore forbidden.

2. Information of a technical nature

You acknowledge having the skills necessary to access and use this site, and having checked that the computer configuration used is virus-free and in perfect working order.
You further acknowledge having been informed that the present site is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, except in case of force majeure events, computer difficulties, difficulties linked to the telecommunications networks structure or technical difficulties.
SERVIER may interrupt the site for maintenance reasons.

3. What you need to know about the web

It is difficult to give a 100% warranty for the security of the data transmitted on the Internet.
Although we take all the appropriate steps to protect personal information, we can neither ensure nor warrant that the information transmitted directly or through these on-line services are totally secure.
Accordingly, the communication of your information is at your own risk, even if as soon as received, we do our best to ensure its security.

4. Content of the site

SERVIER provides information of a practical nature (date of congresses, conferences, symposia, etc), training tools, information in the field of health or specialized press articles. Such information shall not be assimilated to legal or medical advice.
For a medical advice, you should always consult a physician or pharmacist.
Any information or material provided in the Site is provided “as is”, without any kind of warranty, whether express or implied.

5. Limitation of liability

Despite the care with which SERVIER checks these information and tools, SERVIER can not guarantee the accuracy and updating of the content of the Site. Consequently, SERVIER shall in no way be held liable in case of error, absence of availability of the information and/or presence of viruses on its site. In the same way, the content of the articles published on-line only binds their authors.

You should keep your own clinical opinion and be critical. SERVIER will not be held liable for:

  • any inaccuracy or omission in the information provided on the Site;
  • any damage resulting from any intrusion by a third party on the Site resulting in a modification of its content and/or information;
  • any damage resulting from access or impossibility to access the Site, its use (including any damage linked to a virus that might affect your computer system) and/or information provided on the Site.

6. Part of the Site reserved for Healthcare Professionals

This site is made up of two parts:

  • A first part, intended for the public at large, and therefore freely accessible;
  • A second part, reserved for healthcare professionals only, i.e. for physician, pharmacist and others, and accessible with a password, after declaration by the Internet user that he/she has such capacity, as this part of the site may contain ads on drugs.

7. Your obligations as user

7.1. Respect of others
You have to respect the applicable laws (in particular law regarding privacy and personal data protection). In particular, you shall refrain, with respect to the personal information to which you access, from any distorted collection or use, and generally, from any act likely to damage the privacy, reputation, respect, image or sensitivity of another user or any other person, by avoiding any libellous, provocative, malicious or threatening comment, message or text.

7.2 Hypertext links
The hypertext links set up under this web site to other resources present on the Internet network, and in particular to its partners, have been subject to a prior written express authorization. SERVIER tries to reference only sites in conformity with applicable laws. However, the content of such sites is not under SERVIER's control and SERVIER shall therefore not be held liable for the information contained on said sites. Users and visitors of the website cannot set up a hyperlink towards this site without LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER's prior express agreement.

8. What kind of information is collected?

For professionals, we suggest on this Site that you provide us with the information (in particular your name, address, e-mail, profession) which will enable us to send you the documentation you wish and also to download documents and leaflets you choose. If you do not wish to receive documentation or to benefit from our services, you can visit a part of our Site without having to identify or register yourself. If you wish to e-mail us, your e-mail address will automatically be collected, which will enable us to answer your e-mail.

9. For whom is the information collected intended?

Your personal data collected under this Site is intended for the services and the companies of SERVIER in charge of answering your requests. Your IP address is intended for the personnel of the Data Processing Service specially empowered to process such information and subject to professional secrecy.

10. How to exercise your access and correction rights

In accordance with French law n° 78-17 of January, 6th 1978, you have a right to access, oppose or ask for modification of your personal data by sending an e-mail to webmaster@servier.com or by mail addressed to Mr. Olivier GRYSON, SERVIER INTERNATIONAL, 35 rue de Verdun, 92284 Suresnes cedex, France. In accordance with the regulations protecting personal data, it is an individual right that can be exercised only by the person concerned with respect to his/her own information: for security reasons, the service involved shall therefore check your identity in order to avoid any communication of confidential information concerning you to a person other than you. In case of correction, we will send you, simply on request, a copy of your information such as corrected.

11. Further information

Should you require further information , please contact Mr. Olivier GRYSON, by mail addressed at SERVIER INTERNATIONAL 35 rue de Verdun, 92284 Suresnes cedex, France or by e-mail.

12.Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

This Site is governed by the laws of France. Any litigation shall be submitted to the competent courts of Nanterre (France).